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Next Level emotional intelligence leadership trainings draw on theories from psychology, neurolinguistics, neuroscience, sociology, and organizational development to support participants in unlocking their full potential. These are not boring classes, they are sophisticated, intensive, experiential workshops. The experience of them is fascinating, powerful, provocative and undeniably valuable. They are for people who are ready to create extraordinary results in their lives. 



create Opportunity

Our trainings are designed to provide space from your day-to-day routine in order to reflect on what you are currently creating in your life, what is working, what is not, and what is holding you back from your full potential. They give you the opportunity to evaluate what you want to improve in your current living situation and to create tangible shifts in your results.



The trainings are facilitated by world-class, experienced trainers, with classes ranging from 50-200 people. They are experiential workshops, and work through a combination of dynamic lectures, sharing, small group exercises, strategy games, guided visualizations and journaling. They provide tools in which to breakthrough obstacles and achieve extraordinary outcomes.


diversify perspective

The trainings are for anyone committed to developing themselves as a leader, regardless of their current level of success, learning style, education level, or socioeconomic background. The teachings focus on emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self-regulation, vision, leadership styles, communication skills, stress management, and effectiveness.

The Ignite Program

designed to uncover
and unlock awareness and impact

The Ignite Program is an emotional intelligence-based transformational leadership program, occurring across two powerful weekends: the 3-day Discovery Weekend and the 4-day Breakthrough Weekend.

It is for people who are ready to take themselves on to become their best selves. Use it to enhance every area of your life – launch your career, reinvent your relationships, and effectively take your health to the next level. Step up in leadership in your entrepreneurial ventures, your family, your community, and your workplace. This program is a catalyst for creating extraordinary results in your life by empowering you with leadership tools and strategies. The training utilizes proven experiential techniques to support you in shifting your behavior, and therefore your results, rather than simply learning about leadership from lecture. Utilizing a series of dynamic exercises the training will support you in clarifying your vision and goals and will empower you to take action. You will leave this training fired up and equipped for success.

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