About Next Level Trainings

Next Level is a transformational training organization that supports people in unlocking their power, passion and purpose. Founded in 2014, Next Level Trainings set out to bring extraordinary results in the Columbus community and beyond. The trainings are innovative and have been meticulously designed to create positive impact and lasting results. We draw on theories from psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, sociology, and organizational development to create transformation in individuals and teams.

Our Trainers

Chris Lee


Chris Lee has spent the last 27 years leading powerful Leadership Seminars around the world. A pioneer in emotional intelligence, Chris Lee has trained and developed people at the top of their game such as Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 Business leaders, celebrities and individuals with a desire to elevate themselves. Chris Lee also serves as a collaborator on TV and radio shows for Univision and The Fox Network. Read his newest book Transform Your Life: 10 Principles of Abundance and Prosperity.

Listen to a few of his guest speaking podcasts:

Michael Strasner


Michael's mission is to empower people to take committed action on their visions and dreams with a true sense of urgency. For the past 30 years he has facilitated both personal and corporate seminars and workshops on topics ranging from relationships, communications, leadership, entrepreneurship, public speaking and team building, among others. His clients span the globe from Fortune 500 executives, Presidents, C.E.O’s and mid-level managers to entrepreneurs, baby boomers, new parents and college students. Read his books Living on the Skinny Branches and Mastering Leadership.

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Chris Hawker


Chris Hawker is an inventor, entrepreneur and life coach. He has over 20 years of experience leading creative teams in developing innovative consumer products, through his company, Trident Design, LLC. Having brought dozens of products to market, he is an expert in innovation and creativity. He coaches entrepreneurs, executives, authors and creatives in living their vision. He is cofounder of Next Level Trainings, and the VIP trainer in Residence.