Time flies when you're having fun...

Happy Anniversary to us!

As we completed our 13th training this past weekend, it’s on the heels of our anniversary. It’s hard to believe that only three years ago, Next Level Trainings completed its first Discovery Training. So much has happened in the past three years and we are so grateful to have found our stride in becoming a part of the Columbus community and beyond.

It all started with a vision. After several years of going back and forth to Los Angeles for a similar program, we decided it was time to bring this important work to our hometown. We envisioned a world full of love and contribution for Columbus, and we wanted to take what we learned and share it with our community to give back.

After all, giving is living.

To honor all of our alumni network’s hard work, here are a few highlights from our first three years:

  • We have nearly 2,000 graduates

  • We’ve raised over $782,000 for thirteen local charities

  • We’ve sourced over 64,000 donated goods to those same charities

  • We’ve added 7 workshops to our list of regular course offerings

  • We’ve established a new home at Epicenter Event Space

  • We’ve branched out with a second location based in Philadelphia

We take great pride in introducing emotional intelligence and leadership tools to our students in a way that empowers them to live their life’s purpose. We’re so proud of our entire alumni network and community and all that they have created in the world in such a short time. The results are extraordinary!

Three years can pass by very quickly. We chose to use that time to make change in our world and are proud of what we’re creating every day.

If the time will pass anyway, what will you use time to create? Comment below what you’re committed to creating before the end of the year.