VIP 12 Columbus - Community Service Project Recap


To complete our Vision Impact Program (VIP), we were tasked with choosing a local charity to support. Members of our team made their case for many fantastic and worthy charities in Central Ohio. We chose Nellie’s Champions for Kids (NC4K) because of the passionate case made by one of our team members. Pediatric cancer is the least funded cancer in the world.  NC4K’s mission is to help make life a little easier for kids and teens with cancer.

The main goal of NC4K is that no family fights alone. VIP Oceans 12 declared that NC4K wouldn’t fight alone.

We declared that we would raise $120,000 in 3 weeks to benefit the 600 families supported by NC4K. We reached out for support with this beautiful vision to friends, family, local businesses, people we saw every day, and even people we hadn’t seen in decades. We reached out to you and you gave and gave and gave. In just a little over 3 weeks, our dedicated team of 38 members raised over $150,000 and 1,400 tangible items for NC4K and the families they support.

To accomplish this, we ran three milestone events in addition to our grassroots fundraising efforts. First, VIP12 created a service day where our team improved the offices and donation area of NC4K. We built shelves, created a kitchen, and organized all the warehouse contents - all materials donated by generous local businesses.  Our second event was a dance-off at the Golf Club of Dublin featuring a silent auction, bake sale, and smooth dance moves to raise thousands of dollars. Our third and final event was a Wild West-themed family outing at the Rev Cafe to put us over the top of our original $120,000 goal.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, that family will face an average of $10,000 additional living expenses per year, not including medical bills. NC4K is designed to be the place families turn to for support and, more importantly, for hope. The funds we raised will go to support families with gas cards, groceries, mortgage payments, utilities and occasional even fun nights out for families.  The items we sourced will go into NC4K’s Elf Shop which allows families to choose Christmas gifts for each other. Every dollar we raised ensures that a family spends their precious time with their child instead of worrying about where they’ll sleep that night or how they can afford to keep their child alive.

To complete our mission above the $150,000 mark in just over three weeks was an incredible blessing. The power of team and your generosity drove us to greater heights than we imagined possible. We reached out and thousands of you reached back. Together, we put our arms around the families fighting pediatric cancer in Central Ohio. Children will open presents on Christmas because of you. Families will keep their homes because of you. Treatment for cancer-stricken children will continue because of you.

Thank you taking this journey with us. Thank you for believing in our vision. Thank you for believing in us.

Thank you.