FIT 1 - Philadelphia Free Workshops Announced

We are thrilled to announce our FIT 1 - Philadelphia workshop line up.  All of the workshops below are free, and completely open to the public. However, we do have limited space, so we kindly ask that you register and commit to any and all workshops you plan to attend.

Note that even though this class is hosted in Philadelphia, these workshops are being held across multiple states. Check below to see if you’re close to one of our students for this free and powerful opportunity!

The Next Level FIT (Facilitator in Transformation) program is our most advanced training we offer. The training is a 6-month long intensive program designed to develop our most committed leaders into transformational workshop facilitators themselves. As part of their capstone, each FIT student has designed and prepared a 2.5-3 hour workshop on a topic of their choice. We are extremely proud of them for their hard work and the results they've created for themselves and their communities.

Bringing Team to the Table:

Building Team Wherever You Go

By Nile Woodson

325 W 5th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43201

This is a workshop that is designed around the four main principals of an effective team: trust, communication, participation, and fun! We will engage in free flowing conversation and some experiential exercises around the tools needed to build effective teams wherever we go.   

Just Trust Me:

Investing In Your Emotional Trust Fund


6:30-9:30 pm
Goodwill Columbus Headquarters
1331 Edgehill Road
Columbus, OH 43212

Trust is at the root of every flourishing relationship. When trust is present, vulnerability, connection, safety, reliability, and consistency all become possible. "Just Trust Me" is an experiential workshop based on the foundations of emotional intelligence. In this workshop, participants will have an opportunity to explore their relationship with trust, gain tools to learn how to trust themselves and others, and experience what is possible when trust is present.

2-Hour Transformation:

Awakening Your Authentic Self


10:00-12:30 pm
Pranas Das Yoga
385 Lancaster Ave #201
Haverford, PA 19041

You cannot think your way out of the problems you thought your way into, and these problems are holding you back from a life full of connection, authenticity, and freedom.

Isn't it time to try something different? Time to breakthrough your obstacles and transform your life?

Awakening Your Authentic Self is an experiential workshop designed to do just that.

During this workshop, students will experience:

Self Awareness - identification of your limiting beliefs, the root causes of conflict in your life, and knowledge on how to break free.

Transformation - a radical shift in your perception to support breaking through the surface into a state of authenticity, power, connection, and freedom.

Integration - integration of these experiences into your body, mind, and future to begin creating the life of your dreams.

Speak Your Truth:

Finding Your Voice And Using It!


10-1 pm
Courtyard by Marriott Boston Littleton
102 Constitution Avenue
Littleton, MA 01460

Do you struggle to find the right words? Do you say only what is expected? Do you have trouble asking for what you want? Are you tired of being invisible, always present but never really seen? So often we hold ourselves back, staying silent when we really want to scream, going along instead of being real, leaving what we truly are unsaid and unexpressed. 

Join me for a 3-hour experiential workshop where you will explore, experiment, and express yourself! Speaking your truth can have a powerful impact on your life leading to confidence and freedom in everything you do. So come try something different in a fun, engaging environment and see what happens when you express yourself freely in the moment! 

Sign up today! Space is limited and it's time for you to come out of the shadows!

Find Your Inner Child:

It’s Time To Come Out and Play!


2-5 pm
Courtyard by Marriott Boston Littleton
102 Constitution Avenue
Littleton, MA 01460

Has your daily routine sucked the joy out of your life? Has your life become a series of activities and chores that you move through the day checking off your to-do list, all the while wondering what the purpose of it all is?

If this describes you, take heart. All is not lost and it's never, ever too late to be alive again. Join us for a free experiential workshop designed to put joy, freedom, and excitement back into your life.

Come willing to listen, participate, and play your way through this exciting three-hour workshop and never look at your inner child the same way again!

The Champion’s Mind


5:30-8 pm
Soma Vida
2324 East Cedar Chavez Street
Austin, TX 78702

Don't some people seem to be the natural leaders; the champions for their teams, families, communities, and in the world?

Who are the champions that you most admire?

What drives them? What makes them tick? What sets them apart? How do we bring this into our own life? 

We all have a champion in us, but maybe we just haven't put forth the effort to unleash it.

During this workshop, we'll define what it means to truly be a champion in the world, we'll identify the personal qualities that the world's great champions share, and take the first steps to bring The Champion alive in you.

Unplanned Brilliance:

A free workshop on Spontaneity


7-10 pm
New Hope Family Church
2801 Tesla Drive, Suite M
Bowie, MD 20715

There is an artist, a dancer, a true poet, a musician, a creative genius that lives within every human being.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to experience spontaneity, to bring creativity and joy into your life?

We know how to "grind it out," and work harder, but what if sometimes letting go is the way to find our most effective, authentic self and achieve our desired results with ease and flow?

What would open up for you?

In this free workshop, you will experience:

  • access to the brilliance inside and have an experience of it

  • uncovering of what holds you back and where you block yourself from having spontaneity

  • integration of spontaneity into daily life...

...So that you can create unplanned brilliance in your precious life.

New Age Connection:

3 Keys To a Life of Meaningful Relationships


5:30-9 pm
The Greatness Center
4141 Ridge Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19129

When was the last time that you truly connected with someone, not just "connected"  through social media.

How about the last time you went 24 hours without an electronic device?

This workshop isn't about bashing the digital age, but fulfilling forgotten human desires.

During our time, we will first re-establish connection to ourselves, then learn how to build solid relationships with those around us, and finally begin to define your life vision.

Just imagine the value in understanding these 3 simple steps!

This is not just another lecture. There will be various group exercises, dyad processes, and guided meditations to give you the best experience possible.

Feel free to bring a friend, or a few! Looking forward to seeing you there!

What’s Fun Got to Do With It? Choosing Joy!

An evening of fun, connection, and choosing joy.


6:30-9:30 pm
Convenant Presbyterian Church
283 W Valley Forge Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406

Do you know someone who just radiates light? Someone who is unapologetically joyful? What is it about those people? How do you proactively choose joy at the start of a new day? What is the difference between fun and joy?

In this free emotional intelligence workshop, come prepared to participate and, most importantly, experience the fun and journey to joy!

Please arrive by 6:00 pm for registration, refreshments, and networking.


Creating Your Heaven on Earth


1:30-4 pm
67 West Creative Space
67 West Street, Suite 607
Brooklyn, NY 11222

"Utopia: Creating Your Heaven on Earth" is an experiential workshop designed to explore the basics and foundations that define the concept of Utopia as it exists on an individual level, as well as an extended collective. 

In this fun, interactive, and inspiring workshop, attendees will examine their relationship with the idea of heaven on earth; their role in creating that, the challenges that get in the way, and what possibilities exist after Utopia. 

Leading from the Heart:

Why Connection and Compassion Matter


4:30-7:30 pm
Desmond Hotel Malvern
1 Liberty Blvd
Malvern, PA 19355

Are you leader that wants to experience how connecting to your heart can make you more effective in all areas of your life? 

Building relationships and meeting others where they are is the key to success.

In this free workshop, you will experience and learn how to relate to others in a new way and receive emotional intelligence tools to support you in transforming your relationships with others to achieve extraordinary results.