VIP 13 - Community Service Project Recap


Cornerstone 13 - the thirteenth class of Next Level Trainings’ Vision Impact Program (VIP) -chose to support the Alzheimer’s Association of Central Ohio for our community service project. Many of our teammates had been effected in some way by dementia and chose to stand alongside them and show our support.

Guided by our desire to spread love, freedom, and connection, we declared we would raise $120,000 in the duration of the assignment. Yet in just four weeks, we raised over $251,592, accumulated 4,132 volunteer hours, and collected 1,920 tangible goods. Even the Leveque Tower was enrolled in honoring those effected by Alzheimer's and dementia by turning the Columbus skyline purple for two consecutive nights.

But the skyline wasn't the only part of town we lit up. Along with raising funds and gathering goods, our team spearheaded “Paint the Town Purple:” an awareness event resembling the fun and excitement of a scavenger hunt. Our team split up into smaller groups and spread out around the suburbs of Columbus; we visited Bexley, Worthington, Westerville, Gahanna, and other neighborhoods with a list of creative tasks in order to spread awareness of the disease and involve our local communities. Some examples include securing local businesses to hang a poster in their storefront and a poster of facts and figures on the disease hung in the storefront of several area businesses. The people we met and the stories we heard stayed with us as we continued our fundraising efforts.

Why did we work so hard? Why did we pour our hearts into this organization?

The Alzheimer’s Association of Central Ohio is not only committed to meeting the needs of people with Alzheimer’s, but also to provide clinical support, education, advocacy, and research. This particular Central Ohio chapter was started in 1979 as an informal group of volunteers and caregivers concerned about the care provided for individuals living with the disease and serve 14 counties in central Ohio. Their mission is to eliminate the disease through the advancement of research, to provide enhanced care, and to reduce the risk of dementia. The Alzheimer’s Association is a non-profit organization that provides services without regard to race, age, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, or ancestry.

As a team, we were fully dedicated to showing our love for those effected with Alzheimer's and dementia, and it showed when we pushed the boundaries of what was considered possible. Not only did we raise over a quarter of a million dollars for Alzheimer’s, but momentum didn't waver through the holiday season when commitments and excuses could have been made. We were maniacs on a mission. We held multiple fundraising events, involved local businesses, and even went door-to-door during cold nights to exceed our goals and the expectations of others. We’re especially thankful for the individual donors - who provided the bulk of the donations.

VIP13 will be forever grateful to each person that shared their connection with Alzheimer's to inspire us in achieving these extraordinary results. You’re the reason we fought so hard and will continue to fight for those affected by the disease.Our gratitude extends to our coaches, alumni, and Next Level Trainings for believing in us.