RELEASE: Next Level Trainings Leadership Program to Raise $117k in 34 days for LifeTown

August 30, 2018
Contact: Bryan Huffman

Next Level Trainings leadership program to raise To $117K in 34 days for LifeTown

COLUMBUS, OH - Next Level Trainings announced that it has begun the launch of a community service project for LifeTown Columbus. Next Level Trainings 17th class is a Columbus-based leadership program with students from Ohio, Colorado, and North Carolina. The vision of Next Level Trainings is to transform the community and world in a huge way and this particular mission for LifeTown and Next Level Trainings is to impact the lives of children and teens with disabilities.

“LifeTown is a facility for students with disabilities to learn critical life skills in a fun and safe environment,” said Esther Kaltmann, Director of LifeTown. “We were stunned when the Next Level Trainings leadership class told us we had been selected. The energy and love they are bringing with this is the answer to our prayers. They are doing things we had only dreamed about!”  

There are 13 different school districts that participate in the creation of fundamental and life skill development. The direct goal of the 17th leadership class of Next Level Trainings is set to raise funds in excess of $117,000 in 5 weeks as well as 1,500 tangible goods, making physical improvements to the facility, and holding 3 fundraising events.

Physical improvements to the facility are expected to be completed through the month of September. Events to raise funds are expected to take place throughout Columbus over the next 33 days.

“It is the most incredible facility I have witnessed that teaches students invaluable life skills that will carry them through their current and adult lives. There is just no place on earth like LifeTown,” said Bryan Huffman, a current member of the leadership team.

Anyone may learn more and contribute to the effort at