ADVISORY: Next Level Trainings leadership group to renovate and beautify Olney High School

November 27, 2018
Contact:  Blythe Stagliano

ADVISORY: Next Level Trainings leadership group to renovate and beautify Olney High School

Participants in local leadership program called Next Level Trainings are working to create a massive impact for the nonprofit Youth Action. In addition to raising $40,000 in one month, participants are collecting goods and will renovate and beautify the counseling center at Olney Charter High School where some of Youth Actions students attend. This will now provide the students  and counselors with a more positive and private counseling center environment. Students will soon be able to work through challenges and plan their future in a uplifting and conducive environment.

Revitalization, infrastructure improvement, equipment donation and beautification of Olney High School counseling center.  

Olney Charter High School, 100 West Duncannon Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19120

Wednesday, November 28, 2018
2:00-2:30pm - media welcome
8:00am-5:00pm - project taking place

The counseling center currently does not provide students privacy during counseling and Olney High School wants students to have an uplifting environment to be in to plan their futures and work through challenges.  

Philadelphia Youth Action produces socially responsible leaders among middle and high school students by inspiring them to participate in community service projects, mentoring them to lead their own projects, funding those projects, and ultimately training them to become the mentors for the next generation of youth in the program. Students from all over Philadelphia attend and some from Olney High School.  

Next Level Trainings provides experiential leadership programs that support people in unlocking their passion, power, and purpose. Our emotional intelligence trainings, developed using positive psychology and behavioral science, are proven to make substantial and lasting impacts on graduates’ personal and professional lives while also improving our local communities.

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