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June 25, 2018
Contact: Jeanna Packard

Community Service Project Launches to Support Maryhaven Teens

COLUMBUS,OH – A group of 53 leadership training students are committed to raising $165,000 for Maryhaven, a treatment center that empowers adolescents in Central Ohio to heal from addiction and co-occurring disorders. The funds will be used toward facility renovations to create an environment more conducive to recovery and well being.

For over six decades, Maryhaven has served adolescents across the state, rehabilitating them through counseling, education and support. Today, with drug abuse on the rise, demand for the organization’s services are increasing, and few resources remain for furnishings and repair. The Maryhaven adolescent center’s interior is outdated and rough from wear and tear, which limits recreational activities and an overall comfort level for the teens.

To improve the center’s environment and create a safer, more home-like space for recovery, the Next Level Trainings leadership team is fundraising to raise the funds needed for these renovations.

“The donations that will be used for updates to the unit, as well as age appropriate pro-social activities, will better allow the staff and counselors the opportunity to reach our youth who are usually guarded when entering treatment and begin building the rapport needed to help them progress through their treatment stay,” said Amanda Smith a counselor in the Maryhaven Transitional Care Unit.

Several of Maryhaven’s teens commented on the impact the renovations will have on their experience. One teen said, “I think it will give us a better way to use our coping skills through more recreation, so people don’t have to be bored and fight.” Another commented, “I think it will make us more comfortable to focus on treatment instead of focusing on trying to be comfortable. It will make treatment look more like a group home than a jail.”

Drug addiction is a local, national, and global epidemic. The leadership team is reaching out to the community for monetary and tangible goods donations. To support the cause, please visit

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