RELEASE: Passionate Local Volunteers Gather to Renovate & Refurbish Teen Addiction Center

July 14th, 2018
Contact: Jeanna Packard

Passionate Local Volunteers Gather To Renovate & Refurbish Teen Addiction Center

COLUMBUS, OH — Offering inpatient and outpatient therapy, Maryhaven’s adolescent branch is on the forefront of battling the teen addiction epidemic in Ohio and across the country. To support Maryhaven in updating their space and giving youth an even more supportive environment to get sober and heal, a group of community activists gathered today at Maryhaven Treatment Center for a day of physical improvements.

The Maryhaven Improvements Day was held on Saturday, July 14, from 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m at
Maryhaven treatment center. The current Next Level Trainings leadership class rolled up their sleeves and performed a number of physical improvements to the space, including painting the various rooms (from the entryway, to the girls and boys dorms), to replacing lighting and doors, to adding decorative and playful accents to make the space more inviting. They also placed a series of tangible goods like new hand-made quilts, art, and more donated by local businesses and volunteers.

“We are improving and brightening the living spaces so that the teens can feel more empowered to get well, and ultimately return to and re-engage with their families and community,” said Ian MacGregor, Improvements Co-Chair for Next Level Trainings Community Service Project. “Through these improvements, our aim is to cultivate creativity and joy at Maryhaven to empower the teens in their recovery and making a positive difference in their lives.”

The events were held as part of a month-long fundraising and volunteer campaign by Next Level Trainings’ current leadership class. Teen addiction is a global epidemic. Maryhaven is a treatment center that empowers teens in Central Ohio to heal from addiction and co-occurring disorders with their compassionate, encouraging, and comprehensive care. The aim in the renovations is to create a healthy and supportive space where these teens can battle and be victorious over their addictions.

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