New Year, New Possibilities

It’s 2019 and we are leveling up!

2018 was a truly remarkable year filled with extraordinary accomplishments by individual Next Level Trainings students and alumni as well as by our community as a whole.

Well, today’s ceiling is tomorrow’s floor, so 2019 gets to be even bigger!

We strive to constantly respond to feedback from our community in order to improve the experience and increase the quality and variety of our offerings. We have big plans in store this year as we continue to evolve as an organization and push to create even more value for you.

A few highlights of our plans for the coming year:

New Look: To kick things off, we are excited to announce we have an updated brand! After four years, we decided it was time for a fresh look by brightening up our colors and adding some forward movement while keeping true to our original look. Here it is:


New Workshop: We are excited to bring Michael Strasner’s Mastery Workshop to our community in the fall. This rare opportunity is a workshop designed to unlock your peak-performance mindset. Learn how to bring the experience of the trainings alive in your everyday life, plus dive deep into the theory and philosophy of transformation. This workshop is for graduates of the Breakthrough Training. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from the master himself.

Enhanced Coach Training: We have created a new module to support a higher level of competency in our student coaches. This will be provided regularly and offered for free for anyone intending to student coach. Sharpen your saw and develop your coaching skills in this dynamic and engaging half-day experience. Look out for the announcement of the first of these soon!

New VIP Continuity Program: By popular demand, we are creating a post-VIP process for students who would like to continue to have the support of a formal structure after completing VIP. We are still working out the details and will be announcing the program in the next few months. Stay tuned – this may be the most exciting thing we have coming in 2019!

If you are interested, please email us here to be notified of updates.

Community Calendar: We are working to create a calendar on our website so that it is easier to see when alumni community events and trainings are coming up to support planning.

Alumni Events: Last year we organized four major alumni community events: The Abundance Market Rummage Sale, a summer BBQ, a fall talent show, and our annual holiday party. We will be planning similar events this year so that we can all come together and connect as an alumni community. You’ll be able to see these events on the new calendar.

Corporate Workshops: In 2019, we will begin offering corporate workshops for those interested in introducing the extraordinary power of experiential EQ training into their workplaces. We can offer anything from short 1-3 hour presentations to half-day, full-day or even multi-day events. Workshops can be designed to address any area of concern or desired growth. Please email us here for more details.

Advisory Board: In order to support collaboration and communication between the Next Level Trainings community and Next Level Trainings leadership, we will be forming an advisory board from alumni interested in lending their wisdom to our shared vision. Duties and structure for the board are still being developed, but if you are interested to serve, please email us here.

We are beyond excited to work with you this year to achieve all of your goals and create the life of your dreams. Thanks for your commitment to the idea and vision that is Next Level.

Let’s all create an amazing 2019!