RELEASE: Next Level Leadership Team Working To Raise $50,000 In 28 Days for Urban Creators

Contact: William Pasquale

Leadership Team Working To Raise $50,000 In 28 Days for Urban Farm in North Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, PA. - Twenty-three leaders have put together a spontaneous and intentional fundraising campaign to support the Urban Creators' Life Do Grow farm in North Philadelphia. Upon hearing of the farm's recent hardships, as well as its opportunities, the 10th leadership class of Next Level Trainings has committed to raising $50,000 for the local organization. 

"This support couldn't have come at a better time for us" says Devon Bailey and Alex Epstein, two of the Urban Creator's Co-Founders and Co-Executive Directors. "This year marks our 10th Anniversary which is something to really celebrate, but it's also proved to be one of the most challenging that we have faced". 

The Urban Creators are experiencing several leadership transitions, growing pains, and trauma in the neighborhood, and have been uncertain of what the future of the farm would be. "But from these challenges" says Epstein, "many new amazing opportunities are emerging that we were not ready to see before. We have begun to listen more deeply to our community and our young people, and what we've found is that everyone wants even deeper levels of ownership and agency over the future of this land than we realized, which is incredible!"

The Urban Creators are now preparing to shift the organization's direction, transitioning from a more conventional non-profit model into more of an incubator and co-creation space, and by "making meaningful investments into the many radical ideas that are emerging out of Life Do Grow that will build equity amongst our young leaders, and long-term economic development in our neighborhood". 

By supporting the farm via cash donations, land renovations, and other special projects, the leadership group seeks to ensure that Life Do Grow continues to thrive as a safe-space and a symbol of hope in their community. 

The Urban Creators, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2010, is a community collaborative rooted in North-Central Philadelphia that fuses food, art, political education, and celebration as tools to build equity, self-determination, and racial & economic justice in their neighborhood. They engage youth as leaders in the transformation of neglected landscapes into urban farms, gardens, and artistic venues for radical inclusivity and self-expression. 

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