Community Service Recap: VIP 7 - Philadelphia


We, the Love4All Team of the 7th class of Next Level Trainings’ Vision Impact Program (VIP) in Philadelphia, were tasked with creating a massively impactful community service project that creates and inspires change in the world. We decided to stand for the next generation of leaders in the Philadelphia area and intend to create a massive ripple effect in the rest of the world.

Looking to increase the number of student volunteers and service leaders in the City of Philadelphia, Youth Action was organized at the Catholic University of America in 2003 by local youths to focus on challenges that they and their peers face in urban communities. Youth Action is committed to community involvement and seeks to empower students to lead and serve their communities.

With the intention of creating love, freedom, and compassion in the world, our team chose to support Youth Action and their mission to inspire students to lead, and to support them in taking action in their communities. Over the course of our leadership training, the goals of Youth Action became our own. Our team, Love4All, exemplified the goals of Youth Action by empowering students to inspire their peers and serve their communities.

This team of 16 powerful individuals took on the challenge of raising $40,000 for Youth Action in 5 weeks. We contacted friends, family, corporations, and even strangers all over the world. We hosted a fundraising dinner and silent auction at the Field House in Philadelphia. We enrolled Field House in donating a percentage of all profits that evening toward the cause. The members of our auction dinner and the regular customers both contributed to a cause bigger than ourselves that evening.

Two days before the campaign’s November 28th deadline, our team blew past our goal. By 12pm on Friday, we had raised $49,504! We spent over 1,800 volunteer hours working on this project, collected over two dozen tangible goods (including two Google Chromebooks, furniture, painting equipment, and a sound system), and made significant physical improvements to the Counselor’s Hub at Olney Charter High School. Our improvements included restoring and refreshing walls, creating additional rooms, beautifying the hub to be more inviting, and creating privacy so students can be comfortable discussing personal matters.

Our team is celebrating the impact we have made and the impact that the future leaders from Youth Action will make for generations to come. It is an honor and a privilege to fulfill the goal our team set out to complete such a short time ago. Love, freedom, and compassion will be the legacy of the Love4All Team’s contribution to Youth Action and the world.

From the 16 of us, we are blessed to thank everyone who contributed to our campaign and supported us along the way. Thank you to Next Level Trainings’ leadership, coaches, and graduates as well as the many donors from all walks of our lives. We are truly grateful for the lessons we have learned, the love you have given us, and the connections we created not only within our team, but in every area of our lives.