A long, long time ago, I can still remember...

It’s hard to believe another year has passed as we slide head first into October.

Four years ago, Next Level Trainings completed its first Discovery Training. We envisioned a world full of love and contribution for Columbus and beyond. We were committed to taking what we learned and sharing it with our community to give back.

Last year, we did our first anniversary post to recap all that we’ve accomplished in both Columbus and Philadelphia and we couldn’t wait to see how far we’ve come again after another 365 days of passion and purpose.

Here are a few highlights of what we’ve accomplished in our first four years in both centers:

  • We have nearly 3,000 graduates.

  • We’ve raised over $2 million for 20 local nonprofits in Columbus and Philadelphia.

  • We’ve hosted over 90 fundraising events.

  • We’ve sourced over 85,000 tangible donated goods to those same nonprofits.

  • We’ve completed 17 full classes of student leaders in Columbus and 6 full classes in Philadelphia.

  • We’ve completed our first full cycle of trainings for teens ages 12-17 in Columbus.

And here are some additional highlights from this past year alone:

  • We’ve spent our first full year in the Epicenter Event Space and added significant upgrades to the building such as new lighting, a vending machine, wall art and decor, new signage, and upgraded infrastructure.

  • We hosted our first community rummage sale.

  • We hosted our first alumni BBQ.

  • We’re planning our first talent show with proceeds going to Hope Hollow.

  • We hosted 6 guest workshops to introduce others to emotional intelligence training.

  • We graduated two more classes of Facilitator in Transformation (FIT) students as master leaders, and provided over 45 free FIT workshops for the public.

  • We instituted a new scholarship program in honor of one of our alumni, the Tracy Austin Scholarship.

  • We added new staff to grow our current full-time team to 12 members.

  • We developed our first brochure to make sharing about Next Level Trainings easier and updated our website for a smoother user experience.

We want to acknowledge each and every one of our alumni, staff, and leadership team members who make these extraordinary results possible. We’re looking forward to building our community moving forward and seeing what else we can create in the community and within ourselves. We have quite a few big ideas that we can’t wait to roll out to you all!

What have you created in the last year? Share your wins in the comments below!