Giving Is Living

Imagine yourself opening a gift this holiday season. Someone close to you has given you a handwritten letter telling you all the reasons they love you, believe in you, and appreciate you. It cost the giver little money, if any, to present you with this precious gift. Yet, wouldn’t you cherish it for the rest of your life?

Now imagine that you are the giver of that letter. You folded it up into an envelope with care and anxiously awaited the recipient to open it, wondering how they’ll react. Doesn’t it feel just as good to know that you could make someone else feel that level of happiness as if you had received it yourself?

This time of year is, perhaps, the one time of year that we focus on actively giving to others in our lives or those less fortunate than us. Some may love the holiday season for its cheer and glad tidings while others dread it for the financial burden and memories of loved ones lost. We can change our relationship with giving by remembering that the more we give, the more we receive.

When we give selflessly, whether with a physical present or of our time and effort, we are showing someone that we care. We are showing someone that they matter to us and we are willing to trade our precious time, money, thought, and effort for their happiness. Giving, in all its forms, is an expression of love and appreciation. Giving is a transfer of energy from us to another. It is when we forget what giving truly means that stress can creep in and be clouded by financial concerns or selfishness.

If we give from a place of abundance, of knowing that we have an endless amount to give, there can be no end to the joy we can create in others and ourselves. Giving does not always have to look like a box wrapped in elegant paper and ribbons. It can be a smile. It can be your time. It can be your support for a task the person is struggling to accomplish alone. It can even be your words.

As a giver of this love and appreciation in all forms, we wind up receiving far more in return. By giving, we show someone that they matter who in turn wants to show us that we matter. By giving, we feel good about nurturing someone’s self worth. By giving, we inspire others to give. There can be no end to how much we are able to give because we aren’t limited by anything other than our will to do so.

Being a giver is a way of life, not something to check off our to-do list.

Here at Next Level Trainings, we aspire to live in a permanent state of abundance. It doesn’t matter if it’s the holiday season or a rainy Monday in May. We give because we know that giving changes lives. We give because we love it. We give because we can.

What relationship do you have with giving? How can you give more this holiday season in a way that is selfless and meaningful? And how can you bring that spirit into the rest of your year?