Spring Cleaning Your Everyday Life

Though the weather hasn’t officially made up its mind in Ohio yet, late March is the official beginning of spring. We have pushed through the beginning of the year with dreams and goals for a better new year and it’s at this time that we begin to feel the changing of the seasons in our bones.

Over the course of the winter months, we may have allowed cabin fever to let us procrastinate on chores and convinced ourselves that the shorter days were a great reason to postpone errands for another day. Many of us find that by this time of year, our homes are in desperate need of a proper spring cleaning.

After a long winter of dust and clutter accumulating, we set aside time to clean those hard to reach places that normally do not get regular attention. It can take some time - and we may not like the process - but when we are complete we have cleanliness and order, and it feels so good.

What about the dust and cobwebs that accumulate in our daily lives?

There are all kinds messes we allow ourselves to accumulate as clearly as physical clutter. There are bills that go unpaid, projects gone unfinished, unending to-do lists, or even conversations avoided. The same way we allow ourselves to overlook these nooks and crannies in our physical spaces, we overlook them in our lives.

Our lives can often look like an accumulation of breakdowns that build up and ultimately become overwhelming sources of stress. Loose ends create friction that slows us down. Unfinished business distracts us and occupies our thoughts. Unaddressed messes can blow up in our faces and we live in fear of the other shoe dropping. All these breakdowns fill up our thoughts, sap our energy, and slow us down.

By taking action on our breakdowns, by cleaning things up, we create more energy for ourselves. We create “clearings” for new possibilities to enter by freeing up space in our psyches. This takes leadership because it takes getting uncomfortable to take on our breakdowns.

If each year we treat our physical space to a spring cleaning and see the benefits, we can replicate the same process in our daily lives. How we do one thing is how we do everything.

Take a moment to make a list of your unfinished business. Whether it be activities, chores, conversations, or literal cleaning - what sort of spring cleaning have you been putting off? Take action on that list and free yourself from the debris of your mind.