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As participants in the 14th leadership class of Next Level Trainings (VIP 14), part of our transformational curriculum is to create a large-scale community service project for a local non-profit. Our team has chosen to support Local Matters, and we are excited to create massive results for them in the scope of 24 days! Our community faces an increasing health crisis due to diet-related preventable diseases. To combat these issues and build healthier communities, we are supporting Local Matters which provides life-changing education to over 14,000 children, adults, and families each year. 

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VIP 14 Columbus proudly supports Local Matters

Local Matters works to create healthier communities through food education, access, and advocacy. They bring life-changing education to over 14,000 children, adults, and families each year at diverse locations including schools, community organizations, hospitals, and workplaces.

Local Matters envisions a community where everyone has the skills and resources to eat well, feed their families, and manage their health.

Too many of our friends and neighbors are sick and dying from diabetes and other diet-related disease. Too many children and their families are hungry. By supporting Local Matters, you can help children and adults heal their bodies with food and find joy with others around their table.

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Adam Karshner
Amy Still
Rich Costello

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Gene Finkler, Captain
Cheryl Holmes, Captain
Mary Ann Sewell, Captain

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Matt Michael, Captain
Cheryl Holmes, Captain

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Yasmine Robles, Captain
Lianne Wright, Captain

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Jason Cannon, Captain
Joanne Jones, Captain

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Kate Collins, Captain
Stephanie Pishotti, Captain

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Matt Vidal, Captain
Valerie Schaffner, Captain
Phil Schaffner, Captain

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Lyndsey Morrison, Captain

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Elana Goldstein, Captain

Juliet Williams, Captain

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Jenna Zuberi, Captain
Emma Sarah Stephens, Captains


April Vacca

Catherine Workman

Chad Hysell

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