"The best way to say what I've received from Next Level training is that I'm still me, but 'activated'... I have the tools now to get out of my own way and achieve whatever I want."
- Sarah Storer
Hashtag Comedy

"Next Level Trainings helped me to realize how much I was stopping myself from being who I've always desired to be, and showed me a true example of authentic teamwork."
- Tim Trad
Small Business Owner

"Since I did Next Level Trainings, my 30 year marriage has transformed. Communication, support and connection have all deepened and intensified."
- Connie Grappo

"Next Level Trainings showed me how trust, open and connect with people in a way I had not allowed myself to do before and to love and honor myself as well."
- Joanna Vajda

"Since attending the Breakthrough Training, the health of my marriage and other relationships has vastly improved. I now have the tools to communicate effectively, create positive change, and take action where I never would have before. The people I went through this training with have become a fabulous network of supporting friends who help me to maintain the change that I want to be. I hope everyone gets to experience this!"
- Chris Boron
Product Designer

"Biggest takeaway from Next Level Trainings is that I learned how to powerfully encourage and support my business team at Minds On. A leader's purpose is to create leaders."
– Tom Augustine 
Minds On

"Next Level has motivated me to create a connection with my family I didn’t even realize I was lacking. After the training, I’ve committed to calling them regularly and to be a more complete part of their lives. No excuses!"
- Daniel Colby
Product Designer

"I am a 61 year old woman. I have done many workshops in my life and studied many philosophies. I can honestly say that my experience with Next Level Columbus trainings has made the most impact on my everyday approach to life."
- Yvonne Woodson
RN and owner of German Village Acupuncture

"Since participating in Next Level leadership training I was able to launch my groundbreaking medical technique. I'm now teaching courses and lecturing on this technique which was in the planning stage for the past 6 years."
Charise Vacca PT – Physiosync

“People come to Next Level for different reasons and somehow find exactly what they didn’t know they were looking for. I found my voice and learned how to be powerful in an authentic way. I showed up a wall flower and left a leader, leading a team of 38 in a Community Service Project for Hope Hollow.”
- Stephanie Lynn
Senior Copywriter, Bath & Body Works