$176,107 for LSS Faith Mission

It was a surprise when Next Level Trainings contacted us in late October and told us their plans. When the team over-delivered on their promise and in such a short period of time, a simple 'thank you' seemed inadequate. We are truly in awe of these leaders and Next Level Trainings.

Jennifer Hamilton
Director of Communications Lutheran Social Services.

$49,504 for Youth Action Philadelphia

The outstanding support from Next Level Trainings has transformed Youth Action and will allow us to further impact, engage, and support students in Philadelphia to become socially responsible leaders. We are so grateful for the heartfelt support from Next Level Trainings, it truly has made a difference in the lives of our students.

Anthony Phillips
Executive Director, Youth Action Philadelphia

$184,497 for Maryhaven

I can speak for all of us at Maryhaven: we are eternally thankful to the Next Level Trainings team for their enthusiasm, passion, and tenacity during the past few weeks. Their fundraising efforts and dedication to improve the facility at Maryhaven's adolescent center was breathtaking. This project will have a lasting impact on the teens in this community and their legacy will last for years to come.

Nanon Morrison
VP of Development and Marketing, Maryhaven

$106,000 for Kaleidoscope Youth Center

We weren’t aware of this program. They just said: ‘We want to support you — and get rid of any limited thinking. Open your mind and your vision; what’s the most wonderful thing that could happen to this organization?’ Less than two months later I was shaking my head in happy disbelief over the results. Such a bounty doesn’t typically rain down on nonprofit agencies such as Kaleidoscope. In fact, their efforts doubled the previous largest contribution.

Amy Eldridge
Executive Director, Kaleidoscope Youth Center

$104,866 for Face To Face Germantown

It’s not often I am at a loss for words, but I have to say over these past couple of weeks with every dollar raised; I had the face of a client come into my head. To say that we are humbled and grateful for what Next Level Trainings has done is an understatement. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Mary Kay Meeks-Hank
Executive Director, Face to Face Germantown

$136,206 for LifeTown Columbus

“We were stunned when the Next Level Trainings leadership class told us we had been selected. The energy and love they are bringing with this is the answer to our prayers. We are in awe of what the Next Level Trainings' leadership class was able to achieve with such a short period of time. We have seen and feel their love and have immense gratitude for how they have revitalized our organization.”

Esther Kaltmann
Director of LifeTown

$41,000 for Veterans Resource Center

I fully expected the Military Veterans Resource Center might receive $1,000 or $2,000 from the service project, and I would have been happy with that. Then I saw the oversized check for more than $30,000 – I was really a state of awe. This will really help us build capacity here.

Len Proper
Executive Director, Military Veterans Resource Center

I learned I can be FUN!

I learned I can be FUN!

After completing my Vision and Impact Program (VIP) training, I realized that I can put fun in everything that I do. By creating fun, I can still get the job/task done. My life is more enjoyable and so is everyone else’s around me. I discovered that I, Bob Barnes, can be fun!

- Bob Barnes
Assistant Vice President Treasury & Cash, American Municipal Power Inc.

I'm growing my business by 500%.

I'm growing my business by 500%.

The trainings made me a better business owner and boss to my employees. As a result Bubbles is opening several new locations and expected to grow 500%. All of my staff members now going through the training as well, and together we are creating an incredible work environment and giving back to our Columbus community."

- Eric Ling
Founder and Owner, Bubbles Tea and Juice Company

I lost 80 lbs. by shifting my mindset.

I lost 80 lbs. by shifting my mindset.

I thought losing weight would be simple: eat right, exercise and the rest would happen right? What I didn't realize is how my mindset was impacting my ability to lose weight. I was going through the motions but with a mindset that was already defeated and settling for giving up easily. I'd lose a two pounds and gain five, then my mind would flip to "okay it's hopeless." After going through my Next Level journey I realized I was using my negative self-talk was a form of sabotage. 

Next Level supported me in seeing that for myself and with the support of the community I was able to shift "I can't" to "I am." On my journey I have released 80 lbs. of body fat, moved out of being pre-diabetic, and participated in several 5ks and the Cap City Half Marathon. I changed my relationship to running and enjoy the ability to go out and run around our beautiful city. I have also explored the many opportunities to stay active through weight lifting, rock climbing, swimming, and finding the fun and joy in physical activity. I am proud to say I am in the best shape of my life at 36 years old!

- Patrick Anderson
Customer Service, Fiserv Financial

I landed my dream job.

I landed my dream job.

“At the midway point in my life, I needed something to jolt me out of the monotony that I was in. Next Level Trainings did just that. I moved cities, started a business, and ultimately accepted my dream job as Executive Director of Ohio Business Week.”

- Cory Dippold
Executive Director, Ohio Business Week

I learned to be a master leader in every area of my life.

I learned to be a master leader in every area of my life.

“What I learned from my Next Level experience was multifold. I learned to lead a team of diverse professionals during our Community Service Project. I learned key leadership principles that I use in my daily life and business. And I learned how to become a master leader in every area of my life.”

-Jennifer Sconyers
President & Founder, Abundance Leadership Consulting LLC

This 'get it done' program positioned me to create a new business.

 This 'get it done' program positioned me to create a new business.

“I'd been 'seeking' for decades – looking for connection, community and clarity. I found it through the Next Level workshop series and community. This is an emotional, interpersonal, 'get it done' program that positioned me to create a new business and expand my current business. My personal life is richer and my relationships are deeper.”

- Robin Starr
GAD Insurance

I continue to build the life of my dreams.

I continue to build the life of my dreams.

“During my Breakthrough Training, I realized how natural it is to lead and trust with my whole heart. Since VIP, I have been able to remain in a state of grounded results regardless of circumstances. I continue to build the life of my dreams every day as the way I dreamed I would when I immigrated 14 years ago.”

- Pay Ulloa
Product Support Specialist and Entrepreneur, Bluepayre LLC