Core Curriculum

The Ignite Program

An outrageous 2-weekend journey TO BREAK THROUGH what holds you back

The Discovery and Breakthrough Weekends are designed for you to discover and breakthrough what’s holding you back so you reach your next level you will learn proven techniques that allow you to communicate effectively, conquer your fears, expand your capacity for intimacy, and unlock your personal power, and turn goals into reality.

Ignite your vision ⟶

Vision &Impact Program

A 3-month long leadership program designed to implement lasting results

After graduating the Ignite Program the VIP Program is designed for you to create lasting and extraordinary results. You and your team will also make a meaningful impact in the world and inspire others to live a life of empowerment, abundance and joy.

Achieve your goals ⟶


Momentum Program

The greatest shifts in life don’t happen over night. They occur from small consistent changes in behavior and lifestyle. Momentum is a lifestyle continuation program for VIP graduates that creates a facilitated environment where you will receive accountability and support necessary to continually keep stretching into your goals as you reach your next level in life – and then your next level, and your next level, and your next level.

As a member of the Momentum Program, you will clarify personal goals, build strong community and support, and receive new material while your coaches and other members reinforce the concepts, tools, and techniques learned during your Discovery Weekend, Breakthrough Weekend and the Vision and Impact Program (VIP).

Build Momentum ⟶


Relationships Workshop

Create deep connection

This workshop explores what it means to cultivate a passionate & nourishing intimate partnership. You are invited to take a deep look at who you are for yourself, your significant other, friends, and family. It is only from this place that you can transform your intimate relationships.

Grow deeper and closer


A WOMEN'S 3-day workshop 

Grace is a women-only three-day journey to wholeness. During the Grace Workshop you will consider everything that you are and everything you have been. You will embrace insights and learn tools that allow you to navigate life by fully receiving all that unfolds.

Uncover your grace within

Warriors Council Workshop

A MEN'S 3-day workshoP

Warriors Council: Grace Revealed is an opportunity for men to discover and explore the balance of masculine and feminine within. A three day bonding adventure filled with authentic dialogue, powerful movement and spiritual freedom. Find your true purpose as a man.

Reveal your authentic self ⟶




After graduating our VIP program, you are eligible to apply to be a Student Coach. In fact, we consider coming back to coach as the capstone and completion of your core curriculum. As you become part of the team, you will step into a higher level of responsibility for implementing the tools and living the work while creating other leaders. You have the opportunity to go through the trainings again as a leader among leaders at no cost.

Become a student coach ⟶

FIT: Facilitator in Transformation

A 6-month leadership PROGRAM INTENSIVE

By application only, the FIT Program is designed for VIP graduates who have demonstrated a high level of achievement and accomplishment and who are committed to developing themselves as change agents in the world in order to make a profound difference. FIT is an in depth, highly rigorous, six-month program where participants are trained in emotional intelligence, the art of facilitating workshops, and the distinctions of leadership.

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Look at the highest performers in any category, and you will discover that they don’t do it alone. The very best players have coaches, helping them to see what is between them and their next level, and identifying where there are gaps in their skills and strategies that are holding them back. Our life coaches are powerful allies in your journey. They are an advocate for your vision and for the actions that will make it become reality.

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Teen Curriculum

Discovery Weekend
For Teens

An experiential emotional intelligence training designed for teens

Next Level believes it’s never too early to start empowering young men and women to live responsibly and contribute the world. Discovery for Teens is a dynamic and motivational training for teens ages of 12-18 who have a commitment to creating extraordinary results in their lives.

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Breakthrough Weekend for Teens

An Empowerment and action based training designed for teens

The Breakthrough for Teens Training, available only to teens between the ages of 12- 18 and are graduates of the Discovery for Teens Training. It is an outrageous 3-day journey outside of your comfort zone with the goal of absolute freedom and empowerment.

Breakthrough ⟶

We are also proud to be partnering with The Torch Foundation to bring these impactful trainings to underprivileged teens. The Torch Foundation conducts motivational/leadership workshops for teens that have a sincere commitment to create extraordinary results in their lives.