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We, the 10th class of leadership students in Next Level Trainings, are dedicated to spreading love, freedom, and empowerment by supporting the efforts of the Urban Creators to transform their community. Our team is dedicated to make a massive impact by raising $50,000 in only 29 days! These funds would enable the Urban Creators to expand their Urban Farm, set up a neighborhood marketplace for distribution, create large scale art installations, and more. In addition to our fundraising efforts, our team is dedicated to providing a showcase event for the Urban Creators farm, as well as 144 volunteer hours by August 23, 2019. Your contribution will support the growth of urban agriculture, artistic venues, and local businesses that empower citizens to take back their city.

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VIP 10 philadelphia proudly supports Urban creators

For the last ten years, the Urban Creators have been using food, art, and education as tools to empower their North-Central Philadelphia community. Their Life Do Grow farm is a safe-space for community to gather, grow and eat healthy food, express themselves, and redefine their relationships to the natural and built environment.

Since 2010, the Urban Creators have engaged more than 5,000 students and volunteers, created 117 jobs for Philadelphia youth, and have created sacred spaces where young people can explore their boundaries, discover their passions, build relationships, develop skills, and redefine their roles as leaders within their communities.

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Team Captains
Asma Rehman
Lauren Stenger
Taylor Nickens 

Lade Coker, Lead
Jennifer Ho
Pack Lavin 

Marketing Committee
Scarlet Hernandez, Lead
Daralyse Lyons

Press Secretary
William Pasquale, Lead
Will Toms

Special Projects Committee
Tim Montgomery, Lead
Russita Buchanan, Lead
Amy Hallock
Brendan Smith
John DeNoma

Communications Committee
Armess Campos, Lead
Ray Warner, Lead

Social Media Committee
Stew Kraintz, Lead
Bri Clemens, Lead
Mary Bustamante 

Photo Video Committee
Peter Stanley, Lead
Mariah Mitchell, Lead
JuJu Mendoza

CSP Liaison
Taylor Nickens

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