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As students in the 21st leadership class of Next Level Trainings, part of our transformational curriculum is to create a large-scale community service project for a local non-profit in just 26 days! Our team has chosen to support VCAS and we are excited to create massive results that will support VCAS in the placement of rescue dogs, free dog-training classes, active military-veteran community building, and the cost of supplies and veterinary care. Our Next Level Trainings leadership class is committed to raising $100,000 and hosting 2 events in support of Veteran Companion Animal Services by May 3, 2019.

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VIP 9 philadelphia proudly supports VCAS

American veterans and military families have made many seen and unseen sacrifices for our country. Veteran Companion Animal Services (VCAS) is a Central Ohio non-profit dedicated to enriching the lives of veterans, military families, and dogs through the many benefits of the human-animal bond. Your support of VCAS will further their mission of placing rescue dogs in the homes of veterans and military families where companion animal ownership will be beneficial and create routine, fulfillment, and joy for these brave men, women, and their families.

VCAS provides financial support that assists with general care costs, training, and veterinary expenses so that companion animal ownership is an option and not a burden. We, the 21st leadership class of Next Level Trainings, are working passionately to support VCAS in providing the transformational benefits of the human-animal bond. Your contribution will support us in inspiring connection, purpose, and stability in the lives of our veterans and military families. They have served and sacrificed much. Now we can serve and support them in return.

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Team Captains
Abbi Rettig
Victoria Strelnikova
Sanjiv Beri

Fundraising Committee
Marty Kropf, Lead
Drew Scott, Lead
Staci Good
Penny Martin
Omran Alabsi
Will Pearce
Ewa Perkinson

Alex Kowalczyk

Marketing Committee
Ua Chamberlin, Lead
Wendell Miller
Jeff Scolnick

Press Secretary
Tom White, Lead
Robby Smith
Heather Lane

Events Committee
Denise Ell, Lead
Jim Folmer, Lead
Sharon Cox
Christy Miller
Will Pearce
Avery Sunshine

Communications Committee
Cassie Kurtz, Lead
Rob Kiehn, Lead
Jomanah Alsaleh

Improvements Committee
Mike Flynn, Lead
Dana Allen, Lead
Penny Martin
Christy Miller
Wendell Miller
Ewa Perkinson
Will Pearce

Social Media Committee
Whitney Brewer, Lead
Charlie Phillips, Lead
Jerrica Decker
Omran Alabsi
Merryn Reed
Staci Good

Photo Video Committee Leads
Grace Oddo, Lead
Drew Scott, Lead
Jomanah Alsaleh
Joanna Abel
Avery Sunshine

CSP Liaison
Abbi Rettig


Alicia Allen
Bambi Sevy
Brenda Floyd
David Segovia
Karen Boger
Kate Arcangelia
Kelly Mulvaney
Linda White
Michael Willis
Rob Kiehn
Susie Krandel
Teresa Catalan

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