Our Vision

We, Team 20/20 Vision, the 20th class of Next Level Trainings’ Vision Impact Program (VIP) in Columbus, stood in support of creating future leaders of tomorrow through an organization called Seeds of Caring. With a team of only 40 individuals, we boldly declared to raise $88,000, collect 2,500 tangible goods and renovate the physical space, in just 21 days.

Our Results

$139,693 Fundraised$139,693 Fundraised


VIP 20 Columbus proudly supports Seeds of caring

Too many service-oriented organizations exclude kids due to age, denying them access to enriching volunteer experiences shaping their development. Because of this, we’re missing a huge opportunity: engaging an entire upcoming generation of kids in critical issues from the beginning of their lives, instilling in them the passion and confidence to effect change in their communities.

Seeds of Caring empowers kids to create a kinder community with their hearts, hands, and minds by designing meaningful opportunities for kids to engage in service, social action, and community-building.

With the intention of creating love, passion and inspiration, our team chose to support Seeds of Caring and their mission. As our team banded together and formed a cohesive unit of action, we learned that Seeds of Caring’s mission was our’s as well. Its vision was everything we stood for, and therefore inspired us to empower the next generation of leaders.

In the News

Our Team


Team Captains
Janet Holt
Sharon Stroemer
Jenifer Winward

Enrollment Captains
Nate Beaston
Damon Dillard
Kate Dowling

Fundraising Committee
Natasha Adame, Lead
Dawud Hamzah, Lead
Aarin Brown
Liz Frazier
Ryan Krystowski

Julie Canfield

Marketing Committee
Jessica Trevino, Lead
Evan Procaccini, Lead
Jho Davidoff
Caitlyn Rack

Press Secretary
Evan Procaccini, Lead
Vik Chopra
Anayli Zazikue

Events Committee
Julianna Housman, Lead
Tiffany Hannika, Lead
Whitney Ward, Lead
Aarin Brown
Jill Howard
Luis Sanchez
Natalie Robinson

Communications Committee
Hannah Mancke, Lead
Vip Chopra, Lead
Mark Timm

Improvements Committee
Noelle Juday, Lead
Lindsay Wood, Lead
Robert Moore, Lead
Mike Kizis
Marty Troyer
Ryan Krystowski
Hadeel Smiley

Tangible Goods Committee
Cris Adame, Lead
Alecia Nicole Baker
Aerial Dowdy
Lindsey Meindl
Aby Yu
Robert Mullen

Social Media Committee
Mike Benoit, Lead
Jeff Long, Lead
Victor Asemote

Photo Video Committee
Evan Procaccini, Lead
Whitney Ward, Lead
Kelly Cook
Christopher Macisco

CSP Liaison
Karen Austin
Erin Maccabee
Stephen Thomas

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