Our Vision

Our vision was to bring Christmas to homeless youth in our community. We provided a tree, decorations, a chorus, presents, celebration, food, supplies, and more to three events during the holiday season. We were given just 30 days to envision the unimaginable, create the impossible and deliver the unobtainable. See the impact we made and join us in continuing these efforts.

Our Results




Items Donated


Volunteer Hours


Events Held

VIP 1 Columbus proudly supports Star House

Star House is a drop-in center for homeless youth in Central Ohio. We help transitional youth get connected and reconnected with the community. Star House offers a safe place for homeless youth to seek services and begin to establish trust in order to access stabilizing resources such as housing, counseling, and employment opportunities.  Because most services are not all within geographic proximity of a homeless youth, Star House provides a distinctive opportunity for those youth to receive integrated behavioral, social, and healthcare services all at one site.

Our Team

OUR TEAM Leaders

Community Service Project General Coordinator
Edward McGinnis, Lead

Holiday Decorations Committee
Brittany Vacca. Lead

Donations  Committee
Zedrick Clark, Lead

Gift Committee
Tamara Duneaff, Lead

Meal Committee
Chris Boron, Lead

Public Relations
Sarah Storer, Lead


Amiee Talbott

Amy Armstrong 

Andy Buss

Ann Baxa

Bailey Connor

Brittany Rice

Cathy Alexander

Charise Vacca 

Chuck Hootman

Connie Grappo

Dale Andreatta

Daniel Colby

Jana Rock

Joe Henderson

Joel Beebe

Jon Hawker

Kathy Sellers

Lonnie Gray

Maggie Clark

Pam Carlson

Sally MacLeod

Sarah Storer

Tim Trad

Tom Augustine

Wava Hawker

Yvonne Woodson

Thank you to our Business Sponsors and Donors