Our Vision

Team Oceans 12, the 12th VIP leadership class of Next Level Trainings (VIP 12), is committed to creating massive impact in 28 days. Our vision is to lift the burden of pediatric cancer and all its effects on the lives of both the parent and child to create a space where mommy and daddy can have the opportunity just to hold their child and dream.




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VIP 12 Columbus proudly supports Nellie's Champions for Kids

Nellie’s Champions for Kids (NC4K) is a grassroots nonprofit based out of Columbus, Ohio. Their mission is to help make life a little easier for kids and teens with cancer. The main goal of NC4K is that no family fights alone. Their focus is to support pediatric cancer families with financial and emotional needs directly. They currently have over 400 registered families with us that need our help. When a child is diagnosed with cancer that family will face an average of $10,000 of additional living expenses per year; that is not including medical bills. NC4K is designed to be the place families turn to for support and more importantly for hope. They support families with gas cards, groceries cards, mortgage payments, utilities and even a fun night out for families.

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Team Captains
Rachel Battocletti
Bob Barnes
Falyn Saldivar

Public Relations Committee
Karen Hollern, Captain

Fundraising Committee
Lorie Sherman, Captain

Marketing Committee
James Wroten, Captain

Event Cordination Committee
Jullie Gordon, Captain

Social Media Committee
Angie Kern, Captain

Documentary Captains
Kelly Gilbert, Captain

Satellite Committee
Dani Schall, Co-Captain
Aimee Hanf, Co-Captain

Tangible Goods Committee
Delia Perry, Co-Captain
Jonathon Ragsdale, Co-Captain

Service Project Committee
Laurissa Krishock, Co-Captain
Leon Troyer, Co-Captain

Volunteer Committee
Rene Rodriguez, Co-Captain
Sarah Butts, Co-Captain

Benchmark Committee
Peter Hoover, Captain

Julie Mclaughlin


Alyssa Runkle

Belinda Shanley

Carrie Mancuso

Chris Martinez

Craig Mills

David Campbell

Elena Lubenets

Janet Soinski

Jenna DeVanna

Jillian Wroten

Joy Johnson

Laurie Kenley

Lisa Wickard

Mahnoush Soley

Marisa Martinez

Mike Hanf

Quinn Miller

Stacy Oakes

Wyatt Henderson

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