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As students in the 15th Vision and Impact Program of Next Level Trainings (VIP 15), part of our transformational curriculum is to create a large-scale community service project for a local non-profit organization. Our team has chosen to support Gracehaven, and we are honored to create massive results for them over the next 24 days. The domestic child sex trafficking crisis is in our own backyard. In order to create a safe community where children are free to be children, we are supporting Gracehaven which provides a comprehensive, active approach to effectively meet the needs of everyone impacted by human trafficking. Together, we can eradicate domestic child sex trafficking.

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VIP 15 Columbus proudly supports Gracehaven

Ohio is in the top five states for the most human trafficking cases in the nation. Approximately 1,200 children in the state of Ohio are victims of domestic child sex trafficking each year, and over 3,000 children are at risk. We at Next Level Trainings are working passionately with Gracehaven to create a world where children can be children and are never subjected to the horrors of child sex trafficking again. The mission of Gracehaven is to stop the cycle of child sex trafficking by providing services such as survivor care and support, residential housing, prevention education, intervention trainings, and community collaboration. Gracehaven is creating a new life for children who have experienced unimaginable hardship. Your contribution will support us in creating empowerment, unity, and love with Gracehaven as we work to mitigate and end child sex trafficking in Ohio and beyond.

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