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As students in the 17th leadership class of Next Level Trainings, part of our transformational curriculum was to create a large-scale community service project for a local non-profit. Our team chose to support LifeTown, and we created massive results for them in the scope of 34 days! Fostering life skills in students with disabilities improves the lives of students and their guardians, and transfer directly back into the community.

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VIP 17 Columbus proudly supports LifeTown Columbus

Some things just can’t be learned in a textbook. Your support of LifeTown will allow students with disabilities to learn critical personal and social skills. These skills are taught in a safe environment with lesson plans that are designed to impact independent living skills and future employment. LifeTown has a bank, a doctor’s office, a deli, a movie theater, a park and even a salon! Students apply the lesson plans they’ve worked on in advance in the classroom, and the skills they learn at LifeTown can be directly translated to their natural community environments. LifeTown is the only facility of its kind in Ohio and one of only two in the United States.

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Team Captains
Jo Garton
Ashley Rondon
Abraham Bonowitz

Fundraising Committee
Leigh Jones, Lead
Todd Ruthemeyer, Lead

Cindy Gordon

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Michelle Margolis, Lead
Matt Oconnor, Lead

Marketing Committee
Esteban Lutz, Lead
Adria Myers, Lead

Press Secretary
Bryan Huffman

Events Committee
Trish Fry, Lead
Joe Weachter, Lead

Communications Committee
Elizabeth Bella, Lead
Karen Hewitt, Lead

Improvements Committee
Jim Miller, Lead
Ted Byers, Lead

Tangible Goods Committee
Terry Garcia, Lead
Pam Caines, Lead

Photo Video Committee
Nicole Quinones, Lead
Kyle Henry, Lead


Andrew Dunn

Diana Miller

Dimitri Badarou

Heidi Philips

Joan Kropp

Judy Schafer

Karen Loebsack

Kenny Nissen

Matt O'Connor

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Pam Caines

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