Our Vision

We, the 19th leadership class of Next Level Trainings, worked passionately as part of our transformational curriculum to create a large-scale community service project for Huckleberry House. Together, we raised funds, hosted events, and executed an improvement day to remodel, redecorate, and improve Huckleberry House facilities, all within 39 days

Our Results

$139,693 Fundraised$139,693 Fundraised



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VIP 19 Columbus proudly supports HUCKLEBERRY HOUSE

In the Columbus area, 2,000 young people are currently homeless. Thousands more are living in unstable households or struggling with unsafe, unsupportive, or abusive relationships at home. Huckleberry House works relentlessly to ensure that not one of them is without hope. With your support, Huckleberry House will be able to expand in a new 56-unit housing complex that will support 17 to 22-year-olds in having stable housing and educational and life skills programming that will support them in transitioning to market rate housing.

The Huckleberry House offers warm beds, hot meals, and a place for at-risk and homeless young people to turn to for the most basic of needs. But stepping in to address the current crisis is not, and never has been, the end game. The Huckleberry House works with youth to identify and build upon strengths, develop new skills, foster community connections, and open doors to opportunities for more stable, more meaningful, and more rewarding futures.

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Our Team


Team Captains
Kate Dowling
Marcy McCorkle
Heather Sloane

Enrollment Captains
Nate Beaston
Damon Dillard
Kate Dowling

Fundraising Committee
Brett Kowalczyk, Lead
Levana Slabodnick, Lead
Brian Church
Millie Schlabach

Michael Slabodnick

Marketing Committee
Whitnie Goins, Lead
Faith Stegall, Lead
Dave Murphy

Press Secretary
Beth Mallett, Lead

Events Committee
Monica Sanders, Lead
Cheyenne Severence, Lead
Larry D LaPrade, Lead
Therese Ach
Million Dheressa

Communications Committee
David Murphy, Lead

Improvements Committee
Gabrielle Sanchez, Lead
Will Healy, Lead
Ward Fairbee
Nate Beaston
Leslie Baltimore
Matt Miller

Tangible Goods Committee
Jeremy Miller, Lead
Shannon Beaston, Lead
Myra Schlabach
Leslie Baltimore

Social Media Committee
Angela Massara, Lead
Jenna Beard, Lead
Dani Patterson
Gabby Sanchez

Photo Video Committee
Isaiah Ransom, Lead
Yvette Worstall, Lead
Dave Murphy

CSP Liaison
Damon Dillard

Team Hoodie Committee
Danielle Patterson
Duron Pierce


Brian Church

Leslie Baltimore

Matt Miller

Millie Schlabach

Million Dheressa

Therese Ach

Ward Fairbee

Wava Hawker

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