Our Vision

CATCH (Changing Actions To Change Habits) Court is a program for survivors of human trafficking, operating through the Franklin Count Municipal Court Specialized Dockets in Columbus, Ohio! Our vision was to not only impact the lives of the women actively participating in CATCH Court in Columbus, but to make an impact at a National and Global level. We were given just 30 days to envision the unimaginable, create the impossible and deliver the unobtainable. See the impact we made and join us in continuing these efforts.

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VIP 2 Columbus proudly supports CATCH Court

Rather than viewing a woman convicted of solicitation as a result of sex-trafficking as a criminal, CATCH Court views her as a victim who needs acceptance, a commitment to a structured program, and the unwavering belief in her ability to transform her life from one of dependency to one of freedom.

Our Team


Community Service Project
Cinnamon Reiheld, Captain
Anna Brown, Co-Captain

Ariana Ulloa-Olavarrieta, Lead

Garden Community Committee
Audrey Buss, Lead

Donations Committee
Cassie Celestian, Lead

Engagement Committee
Dara Jackson, Lead

Satellite Committee
Meghan Reggi, Lead

Graduation Breakfast Committee
Dara Jackson, Lead
Annamary Leanard, Deputy Lead
Jean Hoefler, Deputy Lead

Public Relations Committee
Lynne Williams, Lead
Heather Wise, Deputy Lead

Website Communications Committee
Meghan Reggi, Lead
Brooke Overly, Deputy Lead
Bria Shultz, Deputy Lead

Bria Shultz, Lead

Office Liaison
Leah Sutherland



Aaron King

Alicia Parrish

Angelica DiPietro

Anna Brown

Anna Wolf

Annamary Leonard

Ariana Ulloa-Olavarrieta

Audrey Buss

Bill Myers

Bob Hawker

Bria Schultz

Brian Schneider

Brooke Overly

Cassie Celestain

Chris Greene

Cinnamon Reiheld

Daniel Fox

Dara Jackson

Debbie Krantz

Deirdre Bey

Galen Freeman

Heather Wise

Jay Weiser

Jazmyn Sunderland

Jean Hoefler

Jon Stinson

Kevin Oakden

Lea Gray

Leah Sutherland

Lisa Lewis

Lonnie Gray

Lynne Williams

Meghan Reggi

Mico Cordero

Nanette Bouvier

Nicole Wasmund

Robert Farley

Ryan Celestain

Ryan Clarkin

Ryan Feeney

Stacy Murphy

Steph Boron

Susie Hardesty

Tony MIller

Will Gray

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