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As participants in the 5th leadership class of Next Level Trainings (VIP 5), part of our transformational curriculum was to create a large-scale community service project for a local non-profit. Our vision was to create a massive impact in the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of our community: children who are impacted by homelessness, addiction, hunger, and abuse. To make this vision a reality, we selected Ohio State University’s Star House, an organization dedicated to serving the needs of youth experiencing homelessness in Columbus, Ohio.. 

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VIP 5 Columbus proudly supports Star House

Star House is a drop-in center for homeless youth in Central Ohio. They help transitional youth get connected and reconnected with the community. Star House offers a safe place for homeless youth to seek services and begin to establish trust in order to access stabilizing resources such as housing, counseling, and employment opportunities.  Because most services are not all within geographic proximity of a homeless youth, Star House provides a distinctive opportunity for those youth to receive integrated behavioral, social, and healthcare services all at one site.

They serve opportunity youth ages 14-24, one of the most vulnerable populations worldwide. It is estimated that 2,000 homeless youth and youth in transition exist in central Ohio. These youth live directly on the streets or in abandoned buildings, or couch surf among friends’ homes. Most are disconnected from their families, and all are underserved by communities, left to fend for themselves on the fringes of our society. With limited rights and privacy, they have little access to services and supports needed to survive independently. These youth are at high risk for human trafficking and victimization.


Our Team


Community Service Project
Liz Koehler, Captain
Matt Barnes, Co-Captain

Administrative and Logistics Managers
Gina Molinari
Daniel Szabo

Social Media Manager
Megan Schiele, Lead
Andrea Nicholas
Hilary St Pierre
Emilie Mehmedovich

Crowdfunding Manager
Jonathan Nutt, Lead
Amanda Brewer 

Public Relations/Marketing
Matt Barnes
Liz Koehler
Rob Maccabee

Teams Manager
Sheryl Fiedler

Team Captains
Debbie Lime
Josh Mann
Ben Parkins
Aondover Ityokumbul

Michele Cook

Document Manager
Kerry Farrell

Art Installation Committee
Judith Spater
Tania Ulloa-Malave

Alex Rytel

Tania Ulloa-Malave

Sponsorship Team
Jorie Stickel
Daniel Szabo
Quelvid Malave
Liz Vorys
Rob Maccabee


Alexander Mockenstrum

Allan Kofman

Amani Alseaery

Ashley Cochran

Bea Aguilar

Bill Wilson

Bryant Trenkamp

Charlotte Hughes

Christian Foote

Christopher Woeste

Dale Steinke

Diana Folmer

Emily Haddad

Emily Willen

Heidi Clark

Holly Wahl

Hugo Rivas

Jason Mount

Jessica Titko

Jim Berling

Joan Holland

Joe Cook

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