Benefits FROM the Trainings

A colleague, friend, or loved one of yours may have told you about Next Level Trainings and what they created in the experience. But you’re you, you’re not them. Their results may be very different than anything you’re looking to accomplish in your life. Therefore, it may at first appear that the trainings may not be a good fit.

While our trainings happen in group settings, the reality is each participant is having their own unique experience geared towards their needs. Each person is assessing their own strengths and weaknesses in order to address what’s working and not working specifically for them. And given that the trainings are focused on mindset (and mindset is the single most important factor in every accomplishment), you can use the training to create unprecedented results no matter who you are and what you want to work on.

You may feel that you are already successful and content and don’t need the trainings. You are absolutely correct! No one needs these trainings. They are a powerful tool of self-development for conscious achievers who use the trainings like a gym to improve their performance. Lebron James, Tom Brady, and Lewis Howes do not need coaches or training. They use them to create massive results. If you want to be a high performer, a coaching environment is invaluable.

If you’re still wondering how Next Level Trainings can benefit you in your life, take a peek below at our personality breakdowns and testimonial results from folks like you who have graduated from our program. Note: You may favor one of these personality styles in your personal life and another in your professional life or you could be the same throughout all areas of your life.

Who Are You?

Different people favor different personality styles with associated priorities and orientations which we have broken down here into four broad categories: analytical, excitement, relationship, and results-oriented people. Most people tend to favor one of these categories.

Click on a personality style below to learn more:


Analytical Oriented

You’re analytical, conscientious, and love to gather data or facts to make a decision. You maintain high standards and are well organized. You are careful and precise. You like things to be done well and correctly, and can be judgemental of others. You tend to be functional in your communication and like lots of detail. You have a tendency to be more passive and slow to take action, but make few mistakes when you do. You see emotions as troubling distractions and try to be logical in your decisions.

Common professions:

  • Engineers and scientists
  • Lawyers
  • Analysts
  • Programmers
  • Researchers
  • Doctors
  • Accountants

Common challenges:

  • Lacking passion and empathy
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Analysis paralysis
  • Stress
  • Taking action
  • Judgement

Common results from the trainings:

  • Breaking through analysis paralysis
  • Embracing risk
  • Learning to work and communicate with different personality types
  • Finding passion in everyday life
  • Developing deeper connections
  • New friends

Results Oriented

You’re a no-nonsense go-getter. You’re an alpha and used to getting your way. You are all about getting things done and checking things off your to-do list. You’re self motivated and make quick decisions and then act quickly. You are often the initiator or organizer of the activities in your life, both professional and personal. You’re disciplined, ambitious, and hungry to take on more. You may bruise some egos and step on some toes as you pursue your goals and get the job done, but you get the job done.

Common professions:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • Managers and forepersons
  • Coaches and athletes
  • Police officers, EMTs, firefighters
  • Military personnel

Common challenges:

  • Controlling
  • Anger/temper
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Stress
  • Bull-dozing
  • Lacking joy

Common results from the trainings:

  • Improved interpersonal skills and empathy
  • Heart-based leadership style
  • Improved team-playing
  • Improved well-being, focus on enjoying the moment
  • New friends
  • Improved handling of stress

Excitement Oriented

You’re an extrovert. You’re the life of the party. You’re high energy and outgoing. People enjoy being around you and you enjoy being around them. You love excitement and are drawn to it, and are also easily bored. You like to be the center of attention and don’t mind making some noise. You have lots of friends, though the relationships tend to be superficial. You have the ability to inspire people and win them over to your way of thinking.

Common professions:

  • Salespeople
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Entertainers
  • Actors
  • Emcees
  • Dancers

Common challenges:

  • Too many ideas, not enough time
  • Procrastination
  • Attention to detail
  • Lacking groundedness
  • Over-committing and under-delivering
  • Lack of follow-through
  • “Ball-hogging” in team environments

Common results from the trainings:

  • Follow through on commitments
  • Punctuality
  • Reduced procrastination
  • Groundedness
  • Less drama and ball-hogging
  • New friends

Relationship Oriented

You’re the voice of reason and solace for people in your life. You’re incredibly loyal with a strong dedication to those that you care about (and maybe even people you don’t). You have a lot of patience and sympathy for others. You are good at playing mediator and keeping the peace in situations with high tension. You value good causes and harmony over all else.

Common professions:

  • Teachers
  • Social workers
  • Therapists
  • Full-time parents
  • Nurses
  • Service workers
  • Caretakers

Common challenges:

  • Low self-worth
  • Loss of identity
  • Lack of confidence and power
  • Lack of clear vision
  • Martyrdom
  • Doormat

Common results from the trainings:

  • Increased confidence and self-worth
  • Newfound purpose and vision
  • Clarified sense of self
  • Using their voice/speaking their mind
  • Improved boundary setting in personal/professional life
  • New friends

Because each person coming into a training has a different background and goals, no two experiences are alike and no results are the same. Depending on what you are looking for and what you focus on, there are many possible results available through participation in the trainings. Here is a list of some of the possible outcomes:

  • Shifting/advancing careers

  • Increasing confidence

  • Releasing weight/gaining weight

  • Improving health

  • Clarifying life vision

  • Kick-starting a project (like a book, a business, or a move)

  • Improving financial position

  • Improving business relationships

  • Improving interpersonal relationships

  • Improving leadership skills

  • Increasing self-awareness

  • Increasing joy, passion, and happiness

  • Developing stress-management skills

  • Improving mindset

  • Letting go of the past

  • Becoming a community leader

Do these sound like something you’re looking for in your own life? Sign up for the Discovery Training to get one step closer!