"These trainings were one of the most useful experiences of my life! Being given the opportunity to examine what was standing in my way of achieving my goals has been priceless. There's something for everyone here."
Lewis Howes – New York Times Best Seller


"The best way to say what I've received from Next Level training is that I'm still me, but 'activated'... I have the tools now to get out of my own way and achieve whatever I want."
Sarah Storer – Marketing Content Strategist and Hashtag Comedy


"NextLevel training helped me to realize how much I was stopping myself from being who I've always desired to be, and showed me a true example of authentic teamwork."
Tim Trad – Small Business Owner

"Since I did Next Level, my 30 year marriage has transformed. Communication, support and connection have all deepened and intensified."
Connie Grappo – Artist

"Next Level training showed me how trust, open and connect with people in a way I had not allowed myself to do before and to love and honor myself as well."
Joanna Vajda – RN

"The Next Level training has supported me in stepping into my true potential as a leader. I am empowered, transformed, and so grateful for the skills I have learned and how they assist me in living a more fulfilled life than ever before. The training is nothing short of life changing."
Heidi Howes – Writer and Coach

"Biggest takeaway from Next Level training is that I learned how to powerfully encourage and support my business team at Minds On. A leader's purpose is to create leaders."
Tom Augustine – Minds On


"Next Level has motivated me to create a connection with my family I didn’t even realize I was lacking. After the training, I’ve committed to calling them regularly and to be a more complete part of their lives. No excuses!"
Daniel Colby – Product Designer

"The experience of being alive and really feeling it, that's what NextLevel was for me. Truly a revelation of self-awareness, a journey for your mind as well as your heart, a gift from you to you. It will change how you see the world."
Lonnie Gray – Sculptor

"I am a 61 year old woman. I have done many workshops in my life and studied many philosophies. I can honestly say that my experience with Next Level Columbus trainings has made the most impact on my everyday approach to life."
Yvonne Woodson – RN, AP

"Since participating in Next Level leadership training I was able to launch my groundbreaking medical technique. I'm now teaching courses and lecturing on this technique which was in the planning stage for the past 6 years."
Charise Vacca PT – Physiosync

"The training freed me from the past in a way I'd never experienced and opened the future as limitless possibility."
Joseph Henderson – Retired Health Care Provider


"Since attending Next Level Basic and Advanced, the health of my marriage and other relationships has vastly improved. I now have the tools to communicate effectively, create positive change, and take action where I never would have before. The people I went through this training with have become a fabulous network of supporting friends who help me to maintain the change that I want to be. I hope everyone gets to experience this!"
Chris Boron – Product Designer

"I can't thank you enough for having this training. It is one of, if not the most meaningful things I have done in my life."
Gabriel Mastin – Personal Stylist