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As students in the 8th Philadelphia leadership class of Next Level Trainings, part of our transformational curriculum was to create a large-scale community service project for a local non-profit. Our team chose to support The Attic Youth Center in the scope of 30 days! We supported LBGTQ young people to develop into healthy, independent, civic-minded adults within a safe and supportive community.

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VIP 8 Philadelphia proudly supports The Attic Youth Center

Coming out can be a tough time in a person's life, and often leaves people feeling alone, and lacking confidence. The Attic Youth Center supports LGBTQ youths transitioning to adulthood by offering vocational training, housing support and navigation, academic enrichment activities, mentorship, psychological counseling, support groups, job placement, job-ready clothing, dinners, and professional development trainings to schools and social services organizations on the best practices in serving LGBTQ youth. But perhaps most importantly, they offer a warm environment full of love, acceptance, and affirmation. The Attic is a place void of judgment and a space that nurtures an inner feeling of home and belonging; and what young adult couldn't use some belonging? No matter what an LGBTQ young person is going through or processing, The Attic Youth Center offers a life of abundance, love, acceptance, and prosperity. 

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Sean O’Sullivan
Summer Rose Horan 

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Michelle Dattisman

Joe Beck

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James Lucas
Linette Navarrete 

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Timmy Mattos 

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Monika Bhatia
Bryan Splittorf 

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Ihab Nafie
Michael Bekerman 

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Keith Dattisman
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Kelly Medico 

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Virginia Vedia
Michelle Carvalho

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Angelina Medico
Joe Beck

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