Our Vision

As students in the 18th leadership class of Next Level Trainings, part of our transformational curriculum was to create a large-scale community service project for a local non-profit organization. Our team chose to support LSS Faith Mission in Columbus, OH. Faith Mission provides shelter, food, employment readiness, clothing, health care, case management, and veterans services to people in need. Our leadership class committed to raising $162,000, collecting 5,000 tangible goods, and providing 3,000 hours of volunteer support – all within 35 days.

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VIP 18 Columbus proudly supports LSS Faith Mission

Too many people in Central Ohio are hungry and lack safe and secure shelter. With your support of LSS Faith Mission, you will help create lasting solutions for people experiencing homelessness. Through a continuum of services - shelter, food, clothing, employment readiness, health care, case management, and veterans services, Faith Mission is working diligently to create a better world by serving people in need. We, the 18th leadership class of Next Level Trainings, are working passionately to support Faith Mission in providing transformational services to some of the most vulnerable in our community.

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Our Team


Team Captains
Alicia Russell
Gwen Da’mico
Michaela Miller

Fundraising Committee
Alexandrea Derrer, Lead
Morgan Oliver, Lead

Crystal Strader

Marketing Committee
Jennifer Gates, Lead
Robert Oehler, Lead

Press Secretary
Stan Robbins, Lead
Christian Family, Lead

Events Committee
Bethany George, Lead
Courtney Elson, Lead

Communications Committee
Cory Skurdal, Lead
Denise Bowsher, Lead

Improvements Committee
John Connors, Lead
Ruiz Reyes, Lead

Tangible Goods Committee
Betsey Johnson, Lead
Julia Zarletti, Lead
Shayla Ferayorni, Lead

Social Media Committee
Gina Zarletti, Lead
Morgan Hobday, Lead
Wehseh Juty

Photo Video Committee
AJ Rosenberg, Lead
Guy Petrie, Lead


Britne Conley

Caitlin McCabe

Christy Land

Cynthia Luce Miller

Demond Mosley

Dylan Cash

Euri Jeffries

Hodo Hussein

James Daerr

Jeff Trickett

Joceyln Myers

Ken Nekic

Kinsey McCabe

Laura Packard

Marcus Petrie

Matthew Mancuso

Traci Ford

Nancy Swartzel

Nimisha Somaiya

Preston Pickett

Ryan Chambers

Ryan Smith

Sarah Coner

Sharon Holder

Shawna Ellenberger

Tina Henney

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